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HSWA Handler Training Records

PCBU (person conducting business or undertaking) must make sure that:

  • All workers know about the hazardous susbstances in their work area and the dangers they pose to they pose.

  • Workers have the training and supervision they need to operate safetly with and around hazardous substances.

As of 1st June 2018, It is mandatory to keep records of training and instruction for each worker.

Records are able to show what training has taken place and when a refreshers is needed. The PCBU is required to document each workers training and instruction. A Compliance inspector/certifier will ask to see your records for Location Compliance Certification.

Please download the following templates to tailor make your own training records:

HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES TRAINING RECORD TEMPLATE: Summary of Business Training, then individual worksheets tabs per worker

MANAGER/SUPERVISOR TRAINING ASSESSMENT TEMPLATE: Onsite hazardous substances training assessment required to show appropraite training.

Both records along with other certification are required for review by Enforcement or Compliance Certifier.