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Certified Handler Compliance Certificates

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Please note there are a change of regulations as of 1st December 2017. This means training and handling is very different compared to previous legislation. This means, you need to show appropriate training to all those handle hazardous substances or require a Certified Handler

Do I need an Certified Handler?

A certified handler is someone who has been certified to handle very hazardous substances and qualifies people to handle very hazardous substances safely and to provide guidance and assistance to other people handling the substances. If you handle acutely toxic (class 6.1A and 6.1B) substances, explosives, fumigants and vertebrate toxic agents you may need to be a certified handler.

Certified handler compliance certificates are valid for five years. The compliance certifier requires you to attend a course before they can issue the compliance certificate.

To check if you need a certified handler, use the online hazardous substances calculator.Please click on the Worksafe yellow toolbox logo on the right hand side of this page.

To obtain a Certified Handler Compliance Certificate, you will need to demonstrate the knowledge, experience and competence to safely handle the hazardous substances that your certificate will cover including:

- Hazardous properties of the substance and how to protect people. This includes the substance classification, storage, PPE, First Aid Emergency Management, spills,  regulations about safe handling, including safe work instruments.

- Working knowledge of any operating equipment, including the protective clothing and safety equipment required to handle the substance safely.

- The controls imposed by the Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2017, part 4.

Becoming an Certified Handler?

To become an Certified Handler, you need to attend an Course for an Certified Handler Compliance Certificate. The certificate is valid for five years.

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Certificate of Training: Knowledge and Principles of Handling Hazardous Substances Certificates

Every person handling other hazardous substances other have Toxic, still needs to show appropriate handling training.

If you have an Approved Handler Certificate: this will be grandfathered until it expires and still deemed as Proof of Appropriate training when a Compliance Certifier performs their compliance checks, however, no renewals will be processed going forth.

Inferno has updated our Approved Handlers Course to assist PCBU/Officer in establishing and confirming a method of onsite training and supplying you what we would accept as an assessment of appropriate training.

The Previous Approved Handler course has been revised and is now called “Certificate of Training: Knowledge and Principles of Handling Hazardous Substances” It is a 3 year certificate.

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