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Compliant Site Plans

Many of the most common substances that are found in daily use will maintain a flammable component brought about by the release of liquid vapour, dusts or mists. These substances and the vapour or mist they produce, can have the ability to travel some distance and in so doing create a hazardous or flammable atmosphere that is for the most part undetectable.

Nevertheless, a volatile and inherently dangerous situation can result, this situation must be correctly identified and properly managed. To this end correct and concise hazardous area zoning is required to identify the relative density, consistency and explosive nature of the vapour trails created by flammable substances in everyday use.

Inferno uses a sub contractor to create HSNO Compliance SIte Plans as a comprehensive solution to hazardous area zoning based upon both first principles found in NZS60079.1 and specific examples found in NZS2430.

These plans, once completed are compliant for certification and may be used by electrical engineers and/or electrical inspectors to identify these relevant zones and assess any equipment found within them. This provides a cost effective and compliant hazardous area dossier in line with legal requirements.

Please click onto the attached PDF to obtain more information about SIte plans and what you require.