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Training: On Site & Classroom Courses

Certified Handler and Certificate of Training

All our courses provide concise and practical information for everyone handling hazardous substances. It is especially invaluable for those who are supervising others or committed staff requiring a higher level of training, providing knowledge and principles to those using hazardous substances.

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HSWA legislation requires a certified handler to handle certain very hazardous substances: class 6.1A and 6.1B toxic substances. This is a 5 year compliance certificate. 

In addition to practical and supervised workplace experience(provided as an assesment), they must attend a course to obtain final stage of certification.  Inferno provides a concise multi media course includes a training reference book and will require the handler to complete competancy assessment.

The certified handler will learn key principles about toxic substances to become highly competant team members within their workplace. Also, invaluable information for supervisors, senior staff, PCBU and managers.

They will know and be able to describe:

- the hazard classifications, properties and adverse effects of the substances they deal with and how to protect people and the environment from them

- any requirements under the new Regulations or the HSNO/HSWA Act: what the law requires and why

- how to prevent the substance from causing injury or illness to anyone at the workplace

- what to do in an emergency involving the hazardous substances

- SDS and Labels: what valuable information they provide

- PPE and other equipment

- Safe work procedures when handling, manufacturing, storinge, and/or disposing.

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This course will give you an understanding of the controls that will assist you as an Handler of hazardous substances ensuring your company is compliant with regulations in key areas. You will be covering the correct procedures including decantering/labelling, signage, PPE, containment, tracking, Hazardous Atmosphere zones, incompatible substances, SDS, emergency management and disposal requirements. During your training, you will put your skills into practice by interacting with legislation.

You will understand the purpose and principles of the the new regulations covering: Enforcement/compliance regime, HSNO/HSWA Acts and how they work together, management responsibilities and your obligations and Liabilites. 

It provides candidates with knowledge of their obligations and liabilities under the Act and is the final stage toward full certification.

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We facilitate 4x classroom courses per month: 2x Hamilton and 2x Mt Maunganui

We also provide onsite training for your team of 6 or more persons: please enquire for more information

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Application Checklist:

1. Candidate Application form completed and signed

2. On-site Competency and Working Knowledge Assessment completed and sign by Workplace Supervisor/PCBU

3. Copy of Previous Approved Handler certificate if available

4. Copy of Photo ID :eg: Drivers License or Passport etc..

5. Copy of current Workplace Inventory