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Approved Handler Test Certificates

Do I need an Approved Handler?

If you have very hazardous substances on site in quantities above certain amounts, you will need an Approved Handler.

To check if you need an Approved Handler you can:
Please click on the EPA yellow toolbox logo on the right hand side of this page.

- Use the Hazardous Substances Calculator. Use this online tool to work out which key HSNO controls you need in place at your workplace.
- Search the Approved Hazardous Substances with Controls register to search for specific substances. The register lists the substance's classification and all controls placed on it - including an Approved Handler.

Becoming an Approved Handler?

To become an Approved Handler, you need to attend an Approved Handler Course for an Approved Handler Test Certificate. The certificate is valid for five years.

Please click on our Training section for Online, Classroom courses or on site training and requirements. 

Please click here for a Approved Handler Online/Classroom Course Application form
Please click here for a Training Verification form

Approved Handler Renewal Certificates

Approved Handler Test Certificates need to be renewed every five years. You cannot continue to work as an Approved Handler, or purchase Hazardous Substances that require an Approved Handler, if your Test Certificate has expired. Your workplace may be operating illegally if there are no current Approved Handlers on site.

Please click here for a Renewal of Approved Handler Certificate form

You do not need to attend a course to renew your Approved Handler Test Certificate, however legislation changes all the time and your team member may value a refresher of their responsibilities: use it or lose it!

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