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Location Test Certificates

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If you have flammable or oxidising substances at your workplace you may need a Location Test Certificate.

With over 35+ years experience within the Hazardous Substance and Enforcement and Agrichemical Industries, our EPA approved Test Certifiers can recognise and help you gain compliance and certification. We will do a comprehensive Location (site) assessment to ensure that your site achieves and maintains HSNO compliancy. 

You will be informed of any non-compliancy issues and make recommendations for remedial rectifications. At Inferno, we assist our clients to achieve HSNO compliancy and will research and provide (where necessary) any information or contacts to ensure any remedial works can be easily implemented.
We speak your language! 

As part of our added service, Inferno contacts our clients 6 weeks out from expiry date of certificate to ensure compliancy is upheld. All site inspections will be conducted within a month of expiry, to ensure any remedial work can be achieved and to avoid lapse of certification.

Please download and send through your application form to book a site inspection. To assist you with your inspection, please find attached a handy checklist to help you prepare and use as a reference. 

Please click here for the Location Test Certificate Pre-Inspection Checklist.
For any general information, please feel free to contact us.